Webinar Series

We have made the experience that the concept of permeability is often misunderstood in drug discovery and formulation development. To change this, we would like to introduce you to the concept of permeability together with an expert. Massimiliano Pio di Cagno introduce you to:

“Permeability Series - The concept of permeability in drug discovery and formulation development: A concept often misunderstood”

  • The concept of human permeability and apparent permeability
  • misconceptions on permeability measurements
  • “Types” of permeabilities

On a quarterly basis, we would like to take up different areas of drug discovery and invite experts to discuss the respective topic:

The webinars will be free of charge

What can you expect from our webinar series?

  • Presentation by experts with the latest scientific findings (30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)
  • Insights into the industry
  • Professional platform

Topics of the upcoming webinars

  • In vitro tools for predicting drugs' biopharmaceutical performances in vivo (11 March 2022)
  • In vitro permeability experiments: Experimental approaches and data interpretation in practice (08 June 2022)