PermeaPad Plate

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PermeaPad® Plate

The self-developed 96-wellplate presents a breakthrough in high-throughput permeability screening. An innovative structure as well as the integrated bio-mimetic barriers (PermeaPad® Barrier) facilitate in-vitro permeability assays*. Measurements with the PermeaPad® Plate can be conducted not only easily and fast but are also reproducible. The PermeaPad® Barrier simulates the passive mass transport. The Barrier is very resistant and storable due to its innovate and unique structure. These characteristics allow measurements in a wide pH range. The experiment-specific conditions can be chosen according to the analysed substance.
* Only for research purposes. Not applicable for diagnostic assays



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Picture of PermeaPad Plate


  • Store dry and dark at 25°C/77°F

  • Protect from extreme temperatures

  • Protect from dust and direct sunlight

  • Keep in package until use

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